Aries Work Habits Profile

Let’s get this straight: Aries is definitely not interested in or adept at the nine-to-five routine of a desk job. No way! What she needs and is perfectly suited for is an action job with an independent, leave-me-alone work schedule. And don’t worry: This is a genuine, enterprising workaholic— you don’t need to keep tabs on her. Pressures, deadlines, and hectic schedules don’t phase this “doer” in the least. Thriving on competition, Aries is most productive when she’s working on new ventures or new angles where her initiative is allowed to flourish.

Don’t, however, expect attention to details from an Aries. She is involved 100 percent in the “Grand Concept” and the “Big Picture” only. Forget the grueling homework, tight schedules, and problem-solving sessions. Endless hours of meetings and conferences are not for her!

An Aries must never, ever feel she is a “cog” in the machinery or that she is anywhere near the bottom or middle of the corporate ladder. In fact, whatever position on the job that she holds, she must be made to feel that she is in charge—that the initiative is hers to take. Because Aries considers herself superior to everyone else on the payroll, she should be given an important sounding title, the freedom to report directly to an executive officer, strategic salary increases, frequent promotions, and, in general, be made to feel that she has a personal pipeline to the “person at the top.” (That is if she isn’t the person at the top herself, which is frequently the case.) You see, the problem with Aries is that she can’t stand to be a subordinate. She’s too vain and too competitive. She wants to be boss, and she’ll let you know it from day one. If you want an Aries to work for you, above all, you must honor her independent, commanding spirit. For it’s only by working independently within the corporate structure that Aries can make money for the company.

Obviously, she can be a maddening and demanding employee. But her perceptions and ideas are financially valuable, and corporate rewards are gained in giving Aries whatever she needs. Her talents are considerable, but the cost of acquiring them can be high.

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