Cancer Work Habits Profile

Cancer is half business, half emotion. On the business side (although it is very difficult to separate the two elements), you will find him working best and hardest in a large established business in an established profession (and as a group worker). His intention is to be a success and have an impressive career with your firm, and no other. Because he finds self-esteem through work, the mature business-minded Cancer is considered the perfect employee and his strong suits are indeed impressive.

His intuition and powers of observation are first rate. He can spot that new money-making trend miles away. He has a superb sense of timing and is an excellent organizer. He is a perfectionist. He is obedient, trustworthy, and devoted to his work. He is diligent, dependable, industrious, and will be proud to serve as manager in your absence. Cancer is a quiet, serious worker, thinking everything out and always finishing anything he starts. He is task-oriented and in a sense he takes his work very seriously and will lose himself in his work. Cancer is intent on doing the best job possible for his boss. Working in a calm, serious, office atmosphere, he won’t fail to be productive.

Even in this close-to-perfect employee you still find several business shortcomings: An old-fashioned conservative, he shies away from change and frequently will be indecisive about things he isn’t used to thinking about or working with. His shyness (and fear of being wrong) can prevent him from providing you with some of his usually excellent ideas. (He needs a little coaxing.) His lack of confidence can severely hamper his competitiveness, and because he is uncertain of himself he does not work well under pressure.

However, Cancer’s positive business qualities are strong enough to make him an unbeatable employee, and if you want even more out of him, be sure to allow him space for his creativity and his imagination, which are, in fact, great strengths.

On the emotion side, he can be difficult. His moodiness and hard shell defensiveness can considerably diminish his contribution. Cancer requires an enlightened, humanitarian manager to use Cancer to his best advantage, to make Cancer feel needed and talented. Because Cancer takes everything so personally, pressure and critical supervision are definitely not the way to get him to do the job. Cancer is a very profitable employee only if conditions are comfortable for him and give him the feeling that he is valuable and appreciated. Cancer cannot work under just any kind of circumstances; rather, they must be tailor-made to support his sensitive emotional network.

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