Capricorn Work Habits Profile

This is a sign with a true passion for business. Capricorn is a born businessman. Industrious and committed to a career, he will take on any job you give him and do it supremely well. Thriving on detail, Capricorn will overlook nothing—no cheating and no short cuts. He could care less about the time clock and he’ll work overtime as a matter of course because he’s a workaholic. Capricorn is highly organized. In fact, his life and career have been carefully planned and he will not be distracted from his programmed career goals. Capricorn thrives on responsibility, and you’ll find no one more conscientious, so whenever you can, put him in control—after all, that’s his natural role. This sun sign performs best in positions that require street-smart, practical intelligence (drawn from his vast collection of facts) and logical decision-making capabilities.

He is not a fast or impulsive worker, so don’t push or change directions on him. He is patient, thorough, careful, and cautious—tolerating no mistakes. His results are virtually flawless. Also, although this by-thebook employee is following the rules, in the process of doing his job by the letter of the law, he is also capable of developing new solutions or different, more profitable applications or approaches.

All these professional work habits are motivated by extreme ambition. All this toiling and hard work, all this concentration of energy is designed to initiate the process and lay the groundwork on which Capricorn intends to build his impressive career. Capricorn plans from day one how he can progress steadily through the company to the top. So, after exercising his skills, while he’s in your employment, he will expect you to recognize his talents and reward them. He will expect you to promote him, raise his salary, and praise him. And because he is a very productive worker, and may very well be your boss sometime in the future, while he is with you, treat him very well.

Capricorn works best in a practical, clearly defined job where his logical mind can make the most profitable decisions. Preferring neither to travel nor to be disturbed, an attractive and impressive work area or office solely for him will be most appreciated. A superb employee, as well as a loner with a superiority complex, he is truly capable of doing it all. So while he’s working for you, give him everything you can. He can take you far as long as you reward his efforts.

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