Gemini Work Habits Profile

Gemini makes the office a delightful place to work with no dull moments. Her youthful enthusiasm and witty charm are infectious and, unless she is in one of her occasional destructive moods, you won’t be bored around her. But you should be prepared to do a lot of her work for her—a lot of finishing up and a lot of straightening up. This is the original jack-of-alltrades with a wide range of talents and interests; she cannot stay at her desk long enough to complete a project or worry it through to the end. Easily bored, routine will immediately destroy her energy and her curiosity. But put her out front in a variety of exciting assignments and this charming showman will be unbeatable, impressing and selling the clients. Everyone will feel comfortable when Gemini’s in charge of a social or promotional situation because she is a natural salesperson.

Gemini is a risk-taker and an experimenter with a raft of ingenious ideas to spread around. Many of them are worth pursuing, but you’ll have to do it. You’ll always find a string of half-finished jobs in Gemini’s wake— while she’s off chasing her newest fantasy.

Because of Gemini’s multiple personalities, expect her to change her opinions and answers frequently. You can also expect Gemini to change jobs frequently or hold several jobs at once. Again it’s the boredom and repetition that do her in. But you will want to try to keep Gemini’s fertile, curious, and intellectual mind and her exceptional non-stop energy because of the profit this talent can generate. So you will need a most understanding and subtly manipulative boss to give her constant stimulation and to keep her headed in the most rewarding direction.

Above all, Gemini needs to feel free. She needs an unstructured, odd hour, unplanned environment that accommodates her spontaneous work habits. Regimen and discipline are not for her. It will take considerable effort to enforce even a modified capitalistic work ethic on this frantic investigator so that she becomes worth her keep, and that work must be directed in a way in which she feels no constraints. Job security is rarely the carrot that will keep Gemini. Admiration and support of her many endeavors and the salary to provide her with the good life are as close as you can come towards the assurance she’ll show up next week.

You get the feeling that although she’s employed by you, she’s really working for herself. You’ve got to bend the rules if you want a Gemini employee. And you should have a Gemini employee for the range of creative ideas she brings to the company.

Here’s a final caution: She’ll think she’s smarter than anyone else in the office is, including you.

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