Leo Work Habits Profile

The qualities that Leo brings to any job seem too good to be true, but she does seem to have it all. Look at this impressive list of Leo credentials. She’s a genuine professional with a wide range of skills:
  •  Persistence. 
  • Creativity. 
  • Excellency under pressure.
  • Expert planning and organizational skills. 
  • 100-percent productive. 
  • Punctuality and orderliness. 
  • Enthusiasm. 
  • Craves challenges (the bigger the better). 
  • Top-level decision-maker. 
  • Goal-oriented. 
  • A workaholic.

And as if that isn’t enough, Leo is always “on.” She loves holding court in the public spotlight, winning clients and colleagues alike with her persuasive charm. Leo is an impressive front woman who makes any company look very good.

Now here’s the kicker: All of the skills just listed come with a steep price tag. You see, Leo wants, more than anything else, to be number one, the big boss. She feels she was born to command and does not enjoy having to climb the corporate ladder to get there. She wants to be the one telling everyone what to do and how to do it, and she doesn’t take kindly to others telling her, regardless of their higher position in the company. Leo considers her superiors inferiors and feels that she is the one they should be looking up too.

If you want all this Leo talent, you must handle her with great care. Give her responsibility and control. Flatter her regularly. Tell her how much she’s a credit to the company and let her feel superior. Put her in charge of training others. Avoid arousing her jealousy by playing up to others. Avoid angering her and don’t promote the competition ahead of her. Give her the latitude to take risks (Leos are easily bored). Promote her and raise her salary with regularity. Show her off and let her perform. Give her a title and a very comfortable, dignified office or workspace. Give her an expense account to entertain clients.

Sounds as if you’re doing too much for her and not enough for you? Well, we told you Leos were pricey. But the mature Leo is worth keeping and will give you a substantial and profitable return on your investment as she passes through on her way to the top spot.

It’s true: Leos can be bossy, autocratic, and pushy. They love their freedom and don’t like to be tied down in one place very long. They feel they are smarter and more deserving than anyone else in the place. They don’t work along side anyone very well for very long. But they are so sharp, so successful, and so valuable that you don’t dare be the one to force them out.

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