Libra Work Habits Profile

This is not a physical laborer. Definitely not! Libra is attracted to jobs requiring brainstorming or artistic and creative skills fulfilling her need to create beautiful experiences or things. (In fact, you will find Libra’s work much more productive where their work environments are extremely attractive as well.)

Libra has a good mind (ideas and analysis are their strengths) but abhors detail and nine to five at the desk. Content to think or dream about ideas, she can fail to carry them through to their logical conclusion, and she quickly becomes bored by long-range tasks. Getting a Libra’s attention and interest is a real trick. And even after you have given her an assigned task, when out of balance, she can look for the easy way out and give it over to someone else or use someone else’s skills to get it done.

Libra is attracted to “people jobs” and works much better in non-competitive, cooperative groups. Here she can perform extremely well as discussion leader, peacemaker, and mediator. An excellent tactician, Libra can bring out all sides of an issue and direct the discussion to a fair and agreeable group solution.

Because people should always be a part of what Libra does, the customer relations area is a particularly appropriate position for her. Outfront positions requiring diplomacy and promotion are Libra strong suits. But above all, avoid putting her under pressure or tension. Without a tension-free and harmonious atmosphere, Libra can’t perform.

Clearly, Libra’s work habits have limitations. She is a real specialist and does not perform well unless both the job and the environment are ideally suited to her. Libra simply does not fit in to most job descriptions. Libra also requires a boss who is a real professional when it comes to motivating people—someone who can take time with a Libra and get her to commit herself to the total task, to get her to assume responsibility, and to speak up for what she really thinks is the right way to do the job. Unfortunately the inner concerns Libra brings to work are very difficult to direct and motivate. But a boss will profit by investing the time and money necessary to create an environment in which Libra can be her charming, conciliatory, and creative best. Keep Libra busy, avoid time for self, and balance those scales, and you have created a condition in which Libra can thrive.

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