Pisces Work Habits Profile

Pisces is creative—even though it is hard for him to market that skill. He can be trusted with large-scale responsibilities—providing the pressure is off. He is extremely perceptive and can spot things others overlook. His intuition and psychic skills will show you the future now.

No doubt about it, the world could use his creative intelligence and foresight (not to mention his compassion for his fellow worker), but we don’t often get to see those Pisces’s qualities in the market place. Pisces frequently miss the commercial boat. He simply has a tough time making money off of his talents. To begin with, he is primitive when it comes to selling—himself or anything else. He lacks the discipline and the routine needed to perform a nine-to-five job. He dislikes confinement and is slow and reluctant to reach solutions and make decisions. He lacks the concentration and the intensity to finish a job. Easily bored, he loves the big pictures but not the details. And the bottom line: He is not competitive. Pisces has an impractical, fantasylike, otherworld view, which does not fit in the capitalist style. And rather than giving business advice, he should be seeking it.

If Pisces is to become a valuable performer, he will need help in developing his self-confidence and efficient and productive work habits. But there are other problems. His changing moods and his escapism are difficult to deal with.

His career is an issue he probably hasn’t thought much about. Pisces doesn’t seem to be in control of his life. He seems to float about. He seems lost in the commercial fish tank, and it will take sympathetic and caring guidance from enlightened management to help this employee succeed and become profitable. One way is to constantly monitor and applaud his work. Another way is to put him on a team of talented, creative, cooperative, and understanding co-workers. And by all means, give him a quiet open space to work in that is comfortable, attractive, and surrounded by positive people.

Of course, there is that rare Pisces we’ve talked about (the one who does swim upstream) who can sell himself. This is that individual who decided from the start that he would climb every obstacle and jump every hurdle. He has escaped the Pisces dream world and dived headfirst into the real world. Reality has made him strong and self-assured. This rare, motivated Pisces is a star worker and a one-of-a-kind employee that you will never want to replace. He has all the Pisces skills—perception, creativity, foresight, and the big picture concern for humanity—but the difference is, he knows how to turn those skills into money for himself and for the business.

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