Sagittarius Work Habits Profile

Expect the unusual, and give her space. A claustrophobic environment is the least productive place for a Sagittarius. She needs freedom—no schedules, no routine, no nine to five. She must be allowed to experience her mind and to keep actively exploring. This is a jack-of-all-trades who can become totally bored without a versatile, multijob position, which allows for travel and discovery.

This is also an employee with a superiority complex, and she’s not afraid of telling anyone, even the boss, that he or she is dead wrong. Honesty and bluntness are her strong suit. Yet she is extremely likable, popular, and a superior company frontwoman, even though her decidedly truthful comments may be tactless at times.

Sagittarius is smart and versatile enough to do anything you need her to do, but try to ask for her help, not demand it. She needs to feel that she is managing her own life and has been given great latitude to handle the job as she sees fit. Once committed (even though it is a temporary commitment), she’s responsible and dependable; she goes after the greatest challenges with undeniable energy, and she is so quick at uncovering ingenious solutions that she should be given control of several assignments at once to keep her interested. Pressure and deadline are what she thrives on. However, because of her fast pace and many interests, she doesn’t always finish what she started. This is a “big picture” employee who doesn’t pay enough attention to detail and who can start talking recklessly before she starts thinking.

Highly competitive, Sagittarius is an original: an individualist who is spontaneous and changeable, yet possessing superb business skills. She is a solution-oriented decision-maker, an expert persuader, promoter, and negotiator. She is a friendly, witty employee with a lot of friends (despite her occasional impatience). A risk-taking but productive worker, she’s a commercially creative businesswoman and a quality manipulator. However, only the less structured, more loosely organized business suits her best—a business that has flexible responsibilities, multiple products, and a freedom orientation will suit her active curious spirit and her broad range of interest. Sagittarius will take on the company’s most adventurous job (preferably, going it alone), and she will expect megabucks in return (and she will usually deserve them). “It takes money to make money” is her byword.

A speedy worker, she dismisses the direction of others because she is frequently farther ahead of their orders. But this is not to say Sagittarius doesn’t need direction. In fact, she needs a lot of well-reasoned direction from the person who has earned her respect.

The Sagittarian can also be unreliable, irresponsible, disorganized, and late. She can promise the Earth, stars, and moon but then get sidetracked on a more challenging jaunt. She can lack discipline and direction. She is capable of pontificating like the best barroom philosopher or revolutionary without taking up the sword and marching into battle. (As they say in Texas, “all hat and no cattle.”) Her chaotic style can diminish her achievements, and her anti-career track attitude can reduce her level of experience. But respect and well-reasoned management can help Sagittarius stay focused enough on the goal to achieve great things—obviously a full-time job for any boss.

This is not your average employee. This is a gambler, a speculator. She’s the one leading you into the next decade in her unique, independent, and unbending manner. If your company can’t fit an individualistic dynamo like this into the organizational chart, forget it. The fit between her and the position must be letter perfect to work for both of you. And if you can make the fit, don’t forget that hands-off, subtle management is the only kind of management that a loner such as Sagittarius will allow.

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