Scorpio Work Habits Profile

The highly competitive Scorpio has a considerable inventory of workoriented skills to perform the toughest jobs you can find. His “all work no play” attitude is exactly what the capitalist ordered. He simply must be productive 24 hours a day at the most important job there is, and no interruptions will be tolerated. His backbreaking schedule will not allow any interference in his highly structured day. So certain is he of his problemsolving abilities that any criticism of his efforts is simply not tolerated— particularly criticism that insults his intelligence.

This is the real workhorse of the zodiac. Intense, tenacious, determined, dedicated, and with a passionate sense of purpose, Scorpio thrives on pressure and deadlines. His intelligence, self-confidence, and naturally probing curiosity qualify him for virtually any professional position. He’ll get the job done whatever it is. This is truly Mr. Productivity. This is the man with the brilliant ideas that turn big profits. So you’re going to run right out and put an ad in the paper for a Scorpio employee, right? Well, like everything else, this is too good to be true. Here’s the catch: Scorpio is a superb worker, which is true. But he’s just passing through on his way to fulfilling his own master plan.

Scorpio knows the rules of business better than anyone does, and he plays the game superbly well. Even though he is basically very difficult to get along with (he considers himself better than anyone else) and he will resent being bossed around, he knows what side his bread is buttered on, and to get to the top he’ll do what he’s told. But he’s only working long enough to learn how to boss you. This is a goal-oriented worker with a strong sense of direction and that direction is upward. Scorpio is truly the “master of his fate and the captain of his soul.” He is obsessed with doing his job well to get the raises, promotions, and recognition he deserves. As he engineers his career towards the position of ultimate power, true, he is not naturally people-oriented nor a pleasant staff or line worker, but he can will himself to be to get where he wants.

Scorpio is an unrivaled employee who will perform better than anyone else so that you will reward him and send him up to the next rung on the professional ladder. If he is rewarded as he expects, you can expect 150-percent loyalty to the organization and its goals.

Expect undercurrents of tension, however, because no matter how obliging Scorpio may try to be on his way up, he is, in fact, engaged in a power struggle, which is bound to inflict bruises all the way to the executive suite. Also, don’t be surprised if Scorpio suddenly stops and turns his life around 180 degrees. This sun sign is so sure of himself that he is capable of leaving a very successful employment and strike out in a totally new field. Remember, at the core, his own passion and destiny is directing and motivating him.

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