Taurus Work Habits Profile

A dedicated worker, Taurus was born for business. Life’s resume glitters with highly valued qualities: dependable, honest, loyal, organized, practical, and hardworking. The bigger the challenge, the better. The greater the chaos, the more important his rock-solid stability is. Taurus exhibits great business judgment, but the decision-making process that precedes it is slow and plodding. However, it is best to wait it out, because his careful persistence will pay off big time.

Ironically, Taurus is difficult to manage in that he does things his way, not necessarily the corporate way. Your advice, experience, and position do not mean much to Taurus. He has revised his job to fit his methodical nature—a nature that he knows provides positive results. Comfortable with his one way to do the job, he will be angered by criticism.

At whatever corporate level Taurus is working now, it is important to understand that his goal is the top, and top for Taurus is head of an empire. And more than not that is where he will be found. The Taurus’s drive for money, power, and prestige out-distances most zodiac rivals, and slowly, persistently Taurus emerges number one.

Once number one, he makes the assumption that everyone in the company is the same kind of self-made man that he is. He will expect people to do things his way and they will be rewarded on that basis. However, until you are able to work just as Taurus does, he will be patient. He won’t expect miracles and he will give you that second chance. But there will come the point when you are either doing things his way or you’re out or punished. Neither suggestions, criticisms, nor new ideas are particularly welcomed because Taurus doesn’t tolerate or need them. He knows how to succeed and all you must do is understand his “how” and do it. (“I did it my way and so will you.”) In fact, Taurus counts on you learning how so that he can put the whole project he’s initiated in your lap and let you do the day-to-day work so that he can return to the fruits of his success: his home, family, and possessions. After Taurus hands you the blueprints and the tools, he is off to enjoy the pleasures his hard work has afforded. It’s as simple as that.

Although Taurus is creative and loves to dream big, he tends to subdue these romantic qualities in favor of an automatic escalator ride to the corner office. Only after he gets there does the romantic, sensuous, clever side show itself.

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