Virgo Work Habits Profile

Virgo is the sign of work and he can be the most capable employee you have—working by the rules, task-oriented, steady, reliable, giving unequalled service, never bothered by routine or detail, ready to take on the dirty work, obedient to the boss, neat, and precise. You get the picture (of course, the qualities also make him an ideal bureaucrat).

This is a dedicated, serious worker who performs best in a neat, highly organized atmosphere where he can keep on schedule without interruption. Motivated by doing his job better than anyone else, Virgo thrives in areas where his mental agility is put to the test. He also performs well in public service areas where, fulfilling his need to serve, his hand-earned achievements can have lasting social effects.

However, Virgos are most valuable as the number-two man to a corporate executive. The right-hand man, the executive secretary, the personal assistant—whatever the position is called—he is the boss’s guide, advisor, order-taker, problem-solver, and behind-the-scenes aide de camp whose duty and loyalty are unquestioned (providing his boss has earned Virgo’s respect to begin with). Always working in the background efficiently, productively and on schedule, Virgo carries out his responsibility to his boss with silent pride, making his boss’s life much more effective and comfortable (and doing all the worrying for both of them). Because Virgo is best in supporting roles, however, his social and emotional characteristics are not fully developed. But the real damper is his critical nature. Virgo’s perfectionist quality, although perfectly suited for most executive secretary functions can cause friction if turned against the boss. Virgo’s demanding nature can get him ousted in short notice if he begins controlling the top man’s way of doing business. For a healthy working relationship, Virgo must learn to couch his critical comments in terms of smart but friendly advice.

Virgo works according to a serious set of rules. He expects fellow workers to go by those rules. Clearly this is not an easy person to work with. But Virgos are invaluable, in the right position, so compromises are usually made.

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