Libra Horoscope January 2016

You begin your year with most of the planets in the social, western sector: Libra heaven. No need to tell you to cultivate the social skills; this is your forte. You are very comfortable with this alignment. You get your way through your social genius and your ability to gain the co-operation of others. On the 22nd, as Jupiter enters your 7th house, the fun really begins. Your love and social life shine. Saturn in your own sign all year (and this was the case last year, too) shows the need to keep a low profile. Yes, you are wonderful, a child of god, a darling of the divine, but tone it down now. You don’t need to announce this to others. Yes, let your light shine, but silently. Let it shine, don’t force it to shine.

Jupiter travels with Uranus this month, and this suggests a new car or new communication equipment. (This could have happened last year as well.)

Health is delicate until the 20th. A solar eclipse on the 4th puts further stress on your health. Take it easy this month (until the 20th). Rest and relax more. Maintain high energy levels. Avoid excessive worry or anxiety. Don’t let yourself get aggravated over small, trivial things. Enhance your health in the ways described in the yearly report.

The solar eclipse of the 4th occurs in your 4th house and tends to bring family crises. There are dramatic events in the lives of parents or parent figures and other family members. Dirty laundry – old baggage – in the family pattern tends to come up for cleansing. This has always been there, but was swept under the rug. Now you must deal with it. If there are problems in the physical home, you learn about them now so that you can correct them. Friendships will get tested and there are dramas in the lives of friends as well. Spend more quiet time at home during this eclipse period.

Until the 22nd, 90 and sometimes 100 per cent of the planets are below the horizon. Not only that, but your 4th house is super-strong while your 10th house of career is basically empty (only the Moon moves through there on the 18th and 19th). So, career issues can take a backseat now. Focus on the family. (The eclipse of the 4th will force you to do that anyway.) This period is about finding and maintaining your personal point of emotional harmony. The natural process of life is from within to without. Thus, harmony within will lead to harmony without – in your body and affairs. Nothing can happen in your life – good or bad – unless it first happens in your mental and emotional world. When that is in order, the outer world comes into order.

This is a period for psychological types of therapy, for breakthroughs in your psychological understanding of yourself (and of family members), of coming to terms with your past – digesting it and resolving old issues.

On the 20th you enter a party period. A yearly personal pleasure peak.

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