Pisces Horoscope January 2016

Last month the planetary power shifted from the West to the East, so you are in a period of personal independence as the year begins. This is the time to create conditions as you like them rather than adapting to existing situations. Other people are always important, but your personal merits, your personal initiative are the important things now. This is a time where you are supposed to ‘make things happen’ rather than let things happen.

Most of the planets are above the horizon and your 10th house is still strong this month. So career and outer ambitions are still the major focus. Family is supporting your career goals now, and being successful is the best way to serve them. Many exciting and happy things have been happening in your career for the past few months, and the trend continues this month. Pay rises, promotions, new and exciting career opportunities are all happening. Even the family as a whole (and a parent figure in particular) are succeeding in the world.

Jupiter travelling with Uranus until the 22nd shows many spiritual breakthroughs – breakthroughs in understanding and ability. These new breakthroughs can lead to career change or advancement.

You have been in a cycle of prosperity for the past year, and this continues. On the 22nd Jupiter moves into your money house, bringing prosperity and financial good fortune. Parents, bosses, parent figures, authority figures are supportive financially – you are in their financial favour. Status and prestige are not so interesting to you right now – the more you earn, the more successful you feel. You are not yet in your financial peak for the year – this will happen March and April – but it is still a prosperous month.

There is a solar eclipse in your 11th house on the 4th. This eclipse is benign to you, but shakes up the world around you. This brings the testing of friendships. It brings dramatic events in the lives of friends, shake-ups and upheavals in groups or organizations that you are involved with. Groups that seemed ‘rock solid’ in the past are now seen as ‘shifting sand’. Every solar eclipse brings job changes and changes in your health regime and diet, and this one is no different. There are dramas in the lives of employees, and employee turnover now as well. Children are in some financial crisis and are forced to make dramatic adjustments and changes.

Until the 20th your 11th house of friends is powerful. So this is a time to be more involved with friends, to gen up on your science and technological understanding and to enjoy the pleasures of group activities. Until the 15th this is not only fun but profitable as well.

Health is basically good – though the eclipse can bring up health ‘scares’. These scares could force changes in your health regime. But health is much better than it seems. You can enhance it further by paying more attention to your spine, knees, teeth, bones and skeletal alignment until the 20th, and your calves and ankles after then. Regular back, knee, ankle and calf massage will do wonders this period.

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