Sagittarius Horoscope January 2016

You begin your year with most of the planets in the eastern sector of your chart. You are in an independent, self-reliant mode now. Your job – and you have the power to do it – is to create your own happiness – create the situations that you want in life – and exercise personal initiative. Your social connections don’t really mean much these days. It is who you are and what you can do. Personal merit is everything now.

Most of the planets are below the horizon of your chart, thus you are in the ‘night-time’ of your year. This is the time to focus on your emotional life – to find, and function from, your point of emotional harmony – to build the inner structures, the psychological framework for future career success. Now you serve your family by being there for them. One deal more or less won’t matter so much, but being there for your family – attending the school play, the dance recital or football match – will do much. Pursue your career goals by ‘inner’ methods – through meditation, visualizations and dreaming. When you can put yourself where you want to be in your ‘inner consciousness’ it is more or less a ‘done deal’ and will manifest in due course.

You are in the midst of a yearly financial peak. This is a prosperous month. There are many bumps on the road, there are challenges and conflicts, but in the end you should be more prosperous.

A solar eclipse on the 4th complicates your financial life. It occurs in your money house and forces some dramatic financial changes. You’ve probably needed to make these changes for a long time, but now you have no choice. Of itself this is OK, but what complicates this is the retrograde of your financial planet. Changes really need a lot more homework. Also your financial judgement is not up to its usual standard. Every solar eclipse brings crises of faith – a testing of your belief systems, so this is happening as well. Faith is perhaps the most important thing in our lives. Even our false beliefs have tremendous power. So it is good that life comes along and tests these things. We get a chance to revise and upgrade this area of life. For students (college level or higher) this brings changes in educational plans, changes of schools, changes of areas of study and upheavals in the school you attend (shake-ups in the hierarchy, curriculum or rules). There are shake-ups in a religious organization you belong to.

There are going to be three more solar eclipses in the coming year, so there is more of this to come.Jupiter, your ruling planet, makes a major move into Aries on the 22nd. So now (and for months to come) you are in party mode. You want to enjoy life. You want to be more creative. The search for happiness becomes paramount. It is not about money, power, position or love – but happiness itself that you search for – and this is an interesting quest. You learn a lot.

Love seems happy this month. Love opportunities are pursuing you and there’s not much you need to do. If you are attached, your spouse, partner or current love is going out of his or her way to please you. The unattached have opportunities for serious love, but don’t seem interested. Flings seem more interesting right now.

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