Taurus Horoscope January 2016

As your year begins, the planetary power is starting to make an important shift from the West to the East. For many months now the western, social sector was dominant in your horoscope. But this is starting to change. After the 20th the East and the West will be balanced, and next month, the eastern sector will dominate. Thus you are becoming ever more independent, more in charge of your destiny, more able to have things your way. Get ready to start creating conditions instead of adapting to them.

Your 9th house is very strong early in the month. When the 9th house is strong we all become students – regardless of our age or stage in life. A good philosophical or religious discussion is more enjoyable than a night out on the town. It is a period where mental horizons get expanded. In many cases there are religious or philosophical breakthroughs. We get deeper insights into the meaning of life and the meaning of events. Those of you who are literally students should have a good month – with some bumps on the road. Your interest leads you to success in your studies. A solar eclipse on the 4th occurs in this house as well. Your belief systems, your personal religion, will get tested – and beliefs found wanting will either disappear or get revised in a better way. For students this shows some turmoil in educational plans – there can be changes of school, changes in the area of study, changes of professors, changes in the rules of the game. There can be changes in the administration – in the upper echelons – of your school or religious institution. Every solar eclipse (and there are three more to go) has an impact on the family and home situation. So there can be drama in the lives of family members, and especially parents or parent figures in your life. Flaws in the home or in the family situation get revealed so that you can correct them. But this eclipse seems basically benign to you.

On the 20th you enter a yearly career peak as the Sun starts to cross your midheaven. Your focus is on your career – as it should be. Some 80 to 90 per cent of the planets are above the horizon as well. You can safely downplay family issues (though the eclipse on the 4th will distract you) and focus on your career. Even family members seem supportive of your career goals during this period. The family as a whole is elevated in status. Along with this heightened career activity and worldly ambition is an expansion of your spiritual life. Jupiter enters your spiritual 12th house on the 22nd. So now you will have to somehow ‘marry’ your spiritual ideals with a worldly, outer career – not so easy to do. You can start by getting more involved in charities and causes that you believe in. Let spirit guide your career moves.

Love should have been active last month, and the trend continues early this month as well. Social connections play a large role in earnings, after the 12th.

Pay more attention to your health after the 20th. Rest and relax more during this period.

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