Aquarius Monthly Horoscope March 2016

The planetary momentum has been overwhelmingly forward for the past few months. Your 1st house was strong and Mars was there until February 23. This shows that you have been making rapid progress towards your goals. You think of something and it happens quickly and smoothly. This forward momentum is still in effect this month. Events in the world move at a rapid pace and so does your life.

This is a very strong financial month as well. You are still in a yearly financial peak. Some 50 to 60 per cent of the planets are either in your money house or moving through there this month. Money and financial opportunity come from all over, from many sources and in many ways. The 26th and the 27th bring a happy financial windfall or opportunity. This could be a pay rise or the largesse of a parent or parent figure. With your love planet in the money house until the 20th, it is still a period where partnerships or joint ventures can happen. Your financial intuition is particularly good this month. Uranus, your ruling planet, makes a major, major move from your money house into your 3rd house of communication. He joins Jupiter, which moved in on January 22. This shows a shift of interest. You are in a long-term period where you want to expand your mind, to experience the joys of learning and mental development. It is a kind of Aquarius heaven. These are things that you love to do anyway, and now the cosmos is actually pushing you in that direction. A great aspect for those of you who are involved in writing, teaching, journalism, sales or marketing. You always have a sharp mind, but now it is even more so. You inhale information. Students have success in their studies.

Uranus’ move into your 3rd house starts to test the marriage of siblings (or those who play that role in your life). They seem rebellious these days and need a lot of space. They are in a period where they want to explore personal freedom – and this is generally not good for committed kinds of relationships.

On the 20th the Sun also moves into your 3rd house – making this area even more of a focus. The only problem here is that you need to be careful not to abuse or misuse your mental and communication faculties. You are a communicator by nature, and now it is as if you’ve taken ‘communication pills’ – so you might find yourself talking too much, talking to no purpose, talking for the sake of talking – and this can deplete energy. Also your mind will tend to be easily overstimulated (you have this issue in general, but now even more so) – thus it can spin, and spin, and spin – turning the same thoughts over and over again. This also depletes energy and often causes insomnia. So, your challenge now is to use these faculties, but under control – don’t let them use you.

Still, this is an exciting time. You are filled with creative ideas.

Singles find love opportunities as they pursue their financial goals, or with people involved in their finances until the 20th. Afterwards romantic opportunities are at school or school functions – as you pursue your intellectual interests. If you feel passionate about a subject, take a course and chances are that you will find other things to be passionate about as well.

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