Aries Horoscope February 2016

Last month the planetary momentum was overwhelmingly forward – there were times when 100 per cent of the planets were forward (highly unusual). This trend continues in the month ahead. Progress is rapid. Events happen quickly. Ninety per cent of the planets are forward. The only exception is the career planet, Saturn, which went retrograde late last month – January 24. This is just as well, as by now you have achieved your major career goals for the period, and can shift to studying things more. Career changes need more homework. No rush now to jump into things. Get all the facts and resolve all doubts. You are still in a strong career period, but not as strong as last month. This month your focus shifts to your social life – friendships, groups, organizations, group activities and also romance. Later in the month – from the 19th onwards – your focus shifts again, this time to spirituality.

Love is still being tested, but is much improved. Your spouse, partner or current love is also very ambitious, and seems to support your career goals. This is a month where you socialize with high-status people – and they are helpful in career matters, too. You have been in a cycle conducive to achieving career goals by social means for more than a year now, but this month seems especially strong for this. Attend the right parties – and consider hosting parties as well. Your social connections are probably more important now than your actual abilities. These connections open up the right doors.

Singles find love opportunities as they pursue their career goals or with people involved with their career. Power allures you. Love is practical these days, as if it’s a career move, a job. Romantic feeling seems to have little to do with it. Thus singles can have office-type romances during this period – with bosses or superiors. Existing relationships seem cold and mechanical – everyone does their duty (celebrates the birthday or anniversary, says ‘I love you’ in a mechanical way, sends the right cards, etc.) but the spark of passion seems missing. You will have to ignite this on your own – project more warmth towards others.

The Sun travels together with your Ruler, Mars from the 1st to the 15th. This is a beautiful health aspect. You have more energy and athletic ability. More personal charisma. For singles this shows a love affair (not something serious). It shows luck in speculations and increased personal creativity. Aries of appropriate age are very fertile during this period. But you need to watch your temper and avoid rush and haste.

The Sun’s conjunction with Neptune from the 16th to the 19th brings spiritual breakthroughs, insights and understanding. Also Mars conjunct with Neptune from the 20th to the 22nd. Avoid foreign travel (if possible) from the 19th to the 28th. If you can, reschedule. Finances are good this month, your financial judgement is sober and sound. You get value for your pound. You have a good long-term perspective on wealth. Also you have the favour of ‘higher ups’, who seem helpful.

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