Aries Monthly Horoscope March 2016

Two main interests dominate the month ahead: spirituality (continued from last month) and personal pleasure (from the 20th onwards). You enter a yearly personal peak. And this year it is going to be stronger than it has been for many years (for Jupiter is also in your 1st house during this period). A time for fulfilling all your bodily fantasies – and the opportunities will come. At the beginning of the month you are ‘other-worldly’, more interested in the non-carnal pleasures of the spirit, and then you become very worldly, very body-orientated – a complete reversal. One extreme seems to lead to the other.

Your birthday is your personal new year, from an astrological perspective. This is the time (especially while your 12th house is strong (until the 20th) to review the past year. Make a sober account. See what you have achieved and what is left to yet be achieved. Look at the high points and the low points. Look at the errors and ‘atone’ for them (correct them). Then set your goals for the year ahead. Write down your goals. The old is over with. You are entering a new year and a new day. Start with a clean slate.

Now that Uranus is in your own sign (since March 12) you are not only experimental with your body – testing its limits, perhaps being a daredevil – you are also experimental with personal pleasure. You are eager to explore all kinds of new pleasures that heretofore were only ‘fantasies’. Nothing wrong with that, as long as they are not destructive kinds of things.

Health is excellent this month. You are supercharged with energy. If anything, the danger here is ‘too much good health’ – too much energy. Sometimes this makes people ‘bite off more than they can chew’ – attempt things that are beyond them. Daredevil-type escapades. And these things can lead to injury. Yes, be a daredevil, but in a mindful, conscious way.

With Uranus in your own sign (and 90 per cent of the planets in the East), you want your way and are getting it. You have a passion for personal freedom. Anyone involved romantically with an Aries needs to understand this. Give your Aries lover as much freedom as possible.

There is a short-term conflict with parents, parent figures, bosses or authorities – this probably has to do with your personal independence now. This will pass, but compromise is key now. Singles find love opportunities in organizations and group activities from the 2nd to the 27th. Friends might want to be more than that. But friendship and a peer kind of relationship is important in love during this period.

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