Aries Weekly Horoscope January 2016

Aries 04 - 10 January Weekly Horoscope 2016

The end of the week brings a newcomer into your life and, if handled properly, could produce a significant change in your lifestyle. But take things slowly and cut out your usual bull-at-a-gate style of operating.

Aries 11 - 17 January Weekly Horoscope 2016

You’ve been putting off a big decision for far too long now and this week is the time when you must decide. You’ve been going over the pros and cons for ages but now you must make your mind up. Ignore the cold logic your brain tells you and follow your instinct.

Aries 18 - 24 January Weekly Horoscope 2016

You need a change! The rut that you’re in is getting deeper by the day and it is starting to affect your performance at work and even your appearance. Ever tried ice skating, a classical music concert, a long country walk, a trip to the seaside? Shake yourself up and do something different and then perhaps you can join the human race again!

Aries 25 - 31 January Weekly Horoscope 2016

You are to be commended on your campaign to reduce your weight and your friends admire your efforts. However, they do not enjoy your daily accounts of your latest battle with the scales and are now considering drawing lots on who is going to tell you. Do them a favour this week and don’t mention the ‘w….t’ word once!

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