Cancer Horoscope February 2016

Last month was a strong career period, and so is this month. You began your year with most of the planets above the horizon, and this month the percentage is even higher – 70 to 90 per cent of the planets are above the horizon now and your 10th house is very strong. You are in one of the strongest career periods of your year – in many cases of your whole life. You are not one ever to neglect your family, but now is a time to serve them by being more successful in the world.

If your marriage or current relationship survived last month, it will survive the coming month as well. The retrograde of your love planet, Saturn, suggests that you delay important love decisions one way or another. Singles should let love develop slowly over time and not rush into anything serious just yet. Enjoy your relationship for what it is and try not to project too far into the future. Finances should be good this month. Career is going well. Pay rises wouldn’t be a surprise.

Your financial planet travels with Mars (your career planet) from the 1st to the 15th. This shows you have the financial favour of bosses, parents and elders. Even the government seems supportive financially (if you have issues with the government, try to resolve them now). Your good professional reputation brings referrals and other opportunities. The only downside now is that you are more of a risk-taker – perhaps overly so. Boldness in money matters is good these days, but rashness is another story. Your spouse, partner or current love is in a yearly financial peak. You seem very personally involved in this. He or she will be more generous with you this period. This is a good period for you to pay off debt or refinance at more favourable terms. It is also a good month to cut financial waste.

Less is more until the 19th. Get rid of excess possessions, redundant bank accounts and insurance policies. Streamline and simplify your financial life. This will clear the decks for greater prosperity to come to you after the 19th. Follow your intuition after the 19th – it is very sharp. There are financial opportunities in foreign lands or with foreigners. Metaphysical techniques (prayer, for example) are unusually powerful now.

For singles this is a sexually active period.

On the 19th your 9th house becomes very strong. A good period for students. The greater interest in study is what produces your success.

Job changes (looks like happy ones) could have happened last month and can happen this month, too. These days you need work where you can be more independent. You don’t function that well with a boss watching your every move.

Health is much improved over last month and will get even better after the 19th – but overall it still needs watching.

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