Capricorn Horoscope February 2016

As the dust settles from last month’s eclipse, things are starting to normalize. Finances are still excellent – your yearly financial peak continues until the 19th and seems even stronger this month than last month. Thorny financial issues will get clarified by the new Moon of the 3rd. All the information you need to make a wise decision is coming to you – very naturally. It is still, like last month, a good time to cut waste, pay off debt and get rid of possessions and redundancies that aren’t necessary. Often we hold on to possessions that we no longer need out of fear – and this is the financial blockage. When we let go of our fear, the new and the better come in.

Venus moves into your sign on the 4th; this gives us many, many messages. You look good, your natural sense of style is enhanced. You have better aesthetic taste. There is more beauty and glamour to your image. But Venus is also your career planet, and this shows that career opportunities are coming to you. Nothing much that you need to do, they will find you. For singles or the unattached, this brings love opportunities – but non-serious ones – fun and games, romantic advances from higher-ups, bosses or superiors. Love is basically status quo during this period. However, your social magnetism – mood for love – will be stronger from the 3rd to the 18th than at other times. You can schedule yourself accordingly.

Though overall health is more delicate these days, this month it is good. You can enhance it even further by paying more attention to your spine, knees, teeth, bones and skeletal alignment (always important for you, but especially from the 1st to the 3rd), your ankles and calves (from the 3rd to the 21st) and to your feet (from the 21st onwards). Spiritual healing is important on the 20th and 21st, and you will most likely experience miraculous things (either personal or with others) during that period.

Your 3rd house is strong from the 19th onwards. Now that most of your short-term financial goals are met, you can focus on the pleasures of the mind. You have more freedom now to read a book or take courses in subjects that interest you. This is true wealth. What good is it to have millions in the bank, but no free time for personal development? This is not wealth, but bondage. Real wealth is freedom – freedom for self-development. Last month you engaged in the pleasures of the body, now it is time to engage in the pleasures of the mind. They are different but still pleasures. Learning, according to Aristotle, is one of the greatest pleasures a person can experience. And when one makes a mental breakthrough – when one suddenly understands a subject that has been difficult – there is an ‘Aha’ moment of pure rapture. Ignorance is a form of pain – not physical pain but of the mental body (and yes, you have got a mental body). Knowledge is the only cure.

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