Gemini Horoscope February 2016

Last month your 8th house was very strong. Thus it was a sexually active period (each according to his or her age and stage in life) and a period for detox, personal transformation and reinvention. On the 20th of last month, your 9th house became powerful and is still powerful now until the 19th. When the 9th house is strong in our charts, we all become students. Students and teachers. This is a very comfortable situation for you (you are a natural student, regardless of what house is strong). But now your studies turn to deeper issues – not just the daily trivia of the newspapers or magazines or gossip columns, but the study of higher things: religion, philosophy, the meaning of life, theology, foreign affairs and foreign cultures. It is a time for breakthroughs and insights in these fields. This is especially so for those at university or postgraduate level. Travel opportunities should come, and you should take them.

On the 19th, as the Sun crosses your midheaven, you enter a yearly career peak. So there is career progress and success happening now. Your ambitions are very strong. You have high goals and you will make good progress towards their attainment. After the 21st, Mercury, your ruling planet, crosses the midheaven – another indicator of success and high attainment. You are on top, in charge, above everyone in your world, honoured, appreciated, lordly. Family members also seem successful, and they even seem supportive of your career goals. There is no real conflict between family and career these days (as is so often the case) – you and the family are on the same page. On the 23rd Mars enters your 10th house; this indicates that you are working hard and that the pace of work is frenetic. You or your company are fighting off competition aggressively. It also shows that you have friends in high places – allies – who are helping your career.

Finance has not been a big issue these past two months. In general, though, you will earn more and have more enthusiasm for finance from the 3rd to the 18th as the Moon waxes than at other times. Love seems happy. Many of the love trends of last month are still in effect. You jump into relationships very quickly. You are quick to fall in love. Your challenge is not falling in love; it is maintaining the intensity and ardour over time. Love opportunities come as you get involved with groups, group activities and organizations. Friends are playing cupid. And often, someone whom you consider to be just a friend turns out to be more than that.

Last year you were allured by power and authority. This year (until June 4) you are interested in someone who can be both a romantic partner and a friend.

Health needs more watching after the 19th, but this is just a short-term stressor. As always, rest and relax more, pace yourself, and work to maintain high energy levels. Continue to enhance your health in the ways described in the yearly report.

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