Gemini Monthly Horoscope March 2016

The planetary momentum has been overwhelmingly forward all year so far and this trend continues this month. Until the 30th, 90 per cent of the planets are forward. On the 30th, Mercury (your ruling planet) starts to retrograde.

This forward momentum shows that you are making rapid progress towards your goals. World events – and the events in your life – move at a faster pace. Mercury retrogrades three times a year, so you have been through this many times in your life. You go through it three times a year. There is nothing to fear. It is merely a time when you should be reviewing your body, image, self-concept, personal appearance and family issues with a view to upgrading or improving them. All the various glitches that arise when Mercury is retrograde are merely the cosmos’ way of nudging you towards these activities.

For you personally, the retrograde of Mercury is a call to personal perfection. Avoid the shortcuts. What seems like a short-cut can actually be the long way round. Be perfectionist and meticulous in all that you do – though it seems to slow you down – and you will go through this with flying colours.

Your 10th house of career is still very powerful until the 20th. By the end of the month, career goals should have been attained (or satisfactory progress made) and you are ready to focus on other things. The new Moon of the 4th occurs in your 10th house and will clarify, as the month progresses, your career status and issues involving the career.

Friendships have been important since January 22. This month they become even more important – 40 to 50 per cent of the planets are either in or moving through your 11th house. You are meeting new and important friends. Your social sphere is expanding – and in a significant way. But how long this will last is another story, as Uranus moves into this house on the 12th. This will bring dramatic change – re-alignments – of current friendships – now and for years to come. Some of these re-alignments are not your fault – they come from personal changes and dramatic experiences that happen in the lives of friends. But many friendships will get tested now, and not all will survive.

There is a very happy romantic meeting from the 14th to the 16th. You seem the pursuer and you catch what you pursue. Love is still at groups, group activities and organizations. Online love also seems interesting.

Health still needs watching until the 20th.

There can be job changes this month, but with your career so strong, it seems like a good thing. Those who employ others can see employee turnover now.

The 11th house is the house of fondest hopes and wishes. Thus this is a month where you attain these things – in love, with the family and family members, and in your studies.

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