Leo Horoscope February 2016

Many of the trends that we wrote of last month are still in effect now. You are still in your yearly social peak until the 19th. Still attaining your ends by consensus. Still downplaying personal will. Still needing the good graces of others.

Late last month, the planetary power began to shift from the lower half (the subjective half) to the upper half (objective half) of your chart. For the next five to six months, the upper half of your chart will dominate. You have entered the ‘day’ period of your year. Time to get up and be focused on your outer goals. Hopefully you have used the past six months to attain emotional harmony. Hold on to it as you pursue your outer goals. You can downplay family and domestic affairs now.

Your financial planet entered Capricorn on the 13th of last month and is there until the 3rd of this month. Financial judgement has been sound. You are cautious and sober in financial matters. Less speculative and risk-taking than usual. You have a better understanding of the virtues of saving and investing. A better sense of good money management. This is a good period to start savings and investment plans. On the 4th the financial planet enters Aquarius, your 7th house. As with most areas of life these days, your financial good depends on others. No matter how skilled you are, no matter your virtue, without the good graces of other people your prosperity won’t happen. Also this shows that your spouse or partner is more supportive – that friends are more supportive and provide financial opportunity.

Your social life is very active these days and you are trying to combine business and social matters. You tend to socialize with the people you do business with, or with those involved in your finances. Your social contacts are unusually important to your earnings now.

Your spouse, partner or current love is prospering this period – he or she is in a yearly financial peak. Your financial planet is in the sign of his greatest ‘exaltation’ – Aquarius – until the 21st. Thus earnings and earning power are ‘exalted’ – reaching their highest level of expression now. After the 21st, your financial planet moves into Pisces, which enhances your intuition. This is a time to get financially healthier by paying off debt and cutting waste.

With your 8th house strong from the 19th onwards, you are in a sexually active period. With the Sun travelling with Mars from the 1st to the 15th, you are probably overdoing it. More moderation is called for.

It would be normal now to have dreams of death or to encounter death in your business affairs – in the newspapers, among acquaintances, etc. This is happening to help you resolve your fears and deepen your knowledge on this subject.

Health and vitality improve after the 19th.

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