Pisces Monthly Horoscope March 2016

The planetary power is now at its maximum eastern position. Thus you are in a period of maximum independence for the year. This is a great opportunity to create conditions as you desire them to be, so don’t waste it. Take the necessary (and bold) moves now to perfect your happiness. Though you have many interests this month, the main headlines are the power in your 1st and 2nd houses. On the 19th of last month, you entered a yearly personal pleasure peak; this month, until the 20th, it seems even stronger than before. So this is still a period for enjoying all the pleasures of the body. Of course, if you overdo this you will pay a price later on. This is the main health danger. Indulge, by all means, but in moderation.

Health is wonderful. Personal self-confidence and self-esteem are at a yearly high. Personal appearance is at a yearly high. There is one thing that high-end beauty treatments and fashion, though they help, can’t do: they can’t supply the cosmic energy – the innate charisma – that shines through whatever you wear or however your hair is done. And this is what you have going for you right now – a tremendous influx of cosmic energies – mostly benevolent.

Mars is still in your sign this month, so keep in mind our discussion from last month. Mars brings personal courage, physical strength, boldness and confidence. It enables you to perform athletically and in exercise regimes at a ‘personal best’ level. There is more than usual sex appeal to your image. You get things done in a fraction of the normal time. But this energy must be used ‘just so’. If it is abused – not channelled in the right way – it leads to temper tantrums, conflicts (and sometimes even violence), haste and impatience. Haste can lead to accidents. So, yes, use this Mars energy, but always in a mindful way.

Since Mars is your financial planet, we have a continuation of the financial trends of last month.Windfalls and opportunities come to you. Money is seeking you out rather than vice versa. You dress expensively. You acquire expensive clothing, accessories and personal items. You ‘look rich’, and this of itself draws wealth to you. (Of course wealth depends on more than just personal appearance, but it is a help.)

On the 20th you enter your yearly financial peak. The period of peak earnings for the year. Enjoy. Job-seekers still seem successful this month. I like the 1st to the 20th better for job-seeking than afterwards – for in that period job opportunities just come to you, like iron filings to a magnet.

Love has been pursuing you since last month, and this is the case until the 9th. Afterwards, singles find love opportunities as they pursue their financial goals and with people involved in their finances. Business partnerships or joint ventures could form after the 9th as well (the opportunities are there).

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