Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope March 2016

This month, as mentioned, the planetary power is now firmly in the West. This is the time you get to ‘road test’ what you have created in previous months, when you were independent. This is called ‘paying karma’ – you get to experience the consequences of your creations. If the creations were good, things will be pleasant for you.

Uranus makes a major move from your 4th to your 5th house. Things should be more settled now in the family situation. No need now to upgrade the home constantly (although this month is still good for renovations if you need them). Children are apt to be more rebellious these days; you need to handle them with wisdom. The authoritarian approach probably won’t work right now. They need to understand ‘why’ the rules exist – the logic behind them. Give them maximum freedom so long as it isn’t destructive. Children need to channel their rebellious urges in constructive ways. Let them have a home laboratory where they can experiment to their hearts’ content. Get them involved in yoga or tai chi, where they can test their physical limits in safe ways. Astrology and astronomy would be very interesting for them.

Your 4th house is still powerful this month – until the 20th. This is a time where the focus is on the family. There are always ways that the family situation can be improved, and it’s time to implement these things. A healthy family life is the foundation for outer success, so the work you are doing now will not harm your career, but actually strengthen it in subtle kinds of ways.

On a deeper level, these are the times when we get to review our past – our own early life, past relationships and things of that nature. Looking at them from a conscious perspective – in the now – helps to digest these experiences and put them into context. A ‘different spin’ gets put on them when we look at them in hindsight. What we thought were tragedies and painful traumas are now seen as valuable lessons. A sage once said that undigested experiences later become physical ailments. So this is a time to digest your past.

When we come to better terms with our past (and this is an ongoing process), new energy comes into us. We are more creative, happier. Then we become ready – the stage is set – for the yearly personal pleasure peak which begins on the 20th. This personal pleasure peak is really just the ‘natural consequence’ of emotional harmony and the resolution of old emotional issues. Life starts to be fun.

Love seems very happy this month. For the attached it is more ‘honeymoonish’ – and if there are problems in a given relationship, a second honeymoon might resolve things. Love is fun. Marrieds should inject more fun into your relationship – more going out, more entertainment. The unattached will meet a significant romantic opportunity from the 12th to the 18th. But patience will be needed. Your love planet goes retrograde on the 30th. If this relationship can weather the retrograde period (until April 23), it has good prospects for going further.

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