Scorpio Monthly Horoscope March 2016

This is shaping up to be a very prosperous month. It is said that March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. But financially the reverse seems true now. March will come in like a lamb (so-so, reasonable financial aspects) and go out like a lion (very beautiful financial aspects). For many of you, money is being earned the old-fashioned way – through work. But the job situation has been bright since January 22 and gets even brighter now. Very nice job opportunities – well paying – are out there for you. There are pay rises and promotions in store for you as well – after the 20th as the Sun starts to travel with Jupiter. (Next month is good for this, too.) You have the financial favour of elders, bosses, parents, parent figures and those in authority over you. Even the government seems supportive on a financial level – there can be payments from them (benefits) or opportunities to work or contract out for them. Your company could receive a nice government contract, too. If you have financial issues with the government, try to schedule them for after the 20th.

Uranus makes a major move into your 6th house on the 12th and will be there for seven more years – a long-term trend. This shows job changes – perhaps a few of them – now. You upgrade your job the way people upgrade their computers. Every time you think you have the perfect job, a new and better opportunity comes along. Whatever is happening in the outer economic sphere, jobs seem plentiful for you.

Professional investors should look to the health field – especially new start-ups – for profit opportunities.

A family member is coming to work for you. (The reverse could also happen: you could get a job in your family business or with a family-type business. The people you work with seem like family to you.)

Health is still good this month and yet you seem very focused here from the 12th onwards. I presume you are more involved in preventative measures than in dealing with actual physical problems. You are spending more on health – perhaps investing in this field – and can earn from this field as well. Health professionals seem important in your financial life.

Love is in a bit of lull right now. A status-quo kind of situation. There is nothing against it, but nothing especially for it, either. From the 2nd to the 27th your love planet is in your 4th house. Thus there is more socializing with family members and with those who are like family to you, and more entertaining from home. A romantic evening is just as alluring at home as out on the town (this will change after the 27th, when you are more in the mood for the night life). Often with these aspects we meet up with old flames from the past to resolve old issues. Family values, emotional sharing and nurturing are important in love during this period. Physical attraction is always important, but you need more than that. You tend to be very moody in love – and anyone involved romantically with a Scorpio would be wise to learn to discern his or her moods.

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