Taurus Monthly Horoscope March 2016

Career still seems very successful. Venus, your personal planet, crosses your midheaven from the 2nd onwards. Thus you are on top, in charge, above everyone in your world. You are looked up to and respected. People want to be like you. You are something of a role model this month. Aside from this, many of the trends that have been in effect are still in effect this month. Family is still supportive of your career goals. And the family as a whole is elevated – family members also seem successful.

Your career planet, Uranus, makes a major move into Aries on the 12th. This only reinforces the spiritual trends which have been going on for some years now. Even if you are in a mundane, worldly type career, you can enhance it by getting more involved in charities, causes and selfless kinds of activities. Many of you will have career opportunities in non-profit types of organizations. Continue to focus on your career and let family issues go for a while.

Health is much improved over last month, but you can enhance it even more by paying more attention to your ankles and calves from the 2nd to the 28th. Regular massage will work wonders. Give your ankles more support when exercising. With your health planet in Aquarius most of the month, you are experimental in health matters, allured by new technologies and therapies – and they seem good for you. After the 28th, pay more attention to your feet.

Your financial planet goes retrograde on the 30th, so try to wrap up important purchases, investments or financial decisions before then. Though you are a very down-to-earth, practical person, this month your financial intuition is very strong and you should pay attention to it. Also this is a period where you learn that wealth is spiritual – that your own efforts are often futile – your wealth comes from the grace of a higher power, which actually owns all the money in the universe.

Love seems stable early in the month, but after the 20th gets more complicated. A marriage or current relationship gets tested. Give your spouse or partner as much freedom as possible now. Your 11th house of friends, groups and organizations is still strong until the 20th – see last month’s remarks. After the 20th your 12th house of spirituality becomes very strong. (It has been active and strong since January 22, but now even more so.) You are in a period of exploring the invisible side of life, of making spiritual breakthroughs and gaining insights and knowledge. Often these things will come in dreams or through the direct intervention of the spirit – through supernatural kinds of experiences which you know are special. A good month for going on spiritual or religioustype pilgrimages to holy places or spiritual retreats. With Uranus now in your 12th house you are breaking out of outdated, restricting spiritual paths and experimenting with new ones.

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