Taurus Weekly Horoscope January 2016

Taurus 04 - 10 Weekly Horoscope January 2016

You will receive some unsolicited advice this week from an unlikely source but don’t be too quick to dismiss it out of hand. Consider it carefully and it may well change an important part of your immediate future.

Taurus 11 - 17 Weekly Horoscope January 2016

Forget next month and next year and concentrate on the present. Certain choices are facing you at the moment but if you delay any further the options will disappear and you will be left with no choice at all. Follow your star sign – take the bull by the horns – and make your mind up this week!

Taurus 18 - 24 Weekly Horoscope January 2016

Your current life is unbalanced and it needs sorting out. The first step is to restore sanity at home because that is your base and if things are not right there they won’t be right anywhere. The family problem needs to be brought into the open and discussed sensibly. Then you can address your chaotic social life!

Taurus 25 - 31 Weekly Horoscope January 2016

You seem to the one person in your circle of friends and colleagues that people choose to unburden their problems. That’s OK but they drop their misery on you, walk away happier and leave you miserable. You’ve got to stop playing the agony aunt so the next time you are asked just say that you’ve too many problems of your own – that should frighten them off!

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