Virgo Monthly Horoscope March 2016

The shift to the upper half of the chart, which began late last month, is now established. The upper half is now the dominant half. This doesn’t mean that you ignore legitimate family responsibilities, but that you shift your focus to your ‘outer’ goals.

Your family planet moved into your 8th house on January 22. This month, your 8th house becomes powerful after the 20th. This suggests a good house-cleaning is called for – spring cleaning. This applies on the physical, material level, but more importantly on the subtle levels. Go through your home – ruthlessly – and either sell, or give away to charity, the possessions that you no longer need. Don’t get rid of things that you still need – just the useless and effete. This same procedure should be applied to your emotional and mental life – but this is a more complicated process. Old emotional and mental patterns that are no longer useful to you (perhaps at one time they were) should be eliminated. These things ‘clog up’ the works and prevent the new and better from coming in. With your health planet moving into the 8th house on the 12th, detox is good on a physical level as well. This trend will continue for many more years. This is a time to explore this method of healing.

Health still needs more looking after until the 20th. Rest and relax more. Your challenge is to maintain high energy levels. Chances are if you do that, you will sail through this period with few problems. Health and vitality improve after the 20th.

Like last month, you are still in a yearly social peak and your 8th house is strong. Still a sexually active period. With Uranus moving into your 8th house, there is a tendency to sexual experimentation these days – you crave the unorthodox and unconventional. So long as your experiments are not destructive, this is a wonderful thing – you gain new knowledge never written in any book.

Your spouse, partner or current love is having an excellent financial period. It began on January 22, but now accelerates even further. He or she is making dramatic financial changes and becoming very experimental in finance, but these changes seem to work out. A prosperous month in a prosperous year.

Strange supernatural synchronistic experiences happen from the 20th to the 22nd. Their import will be clear later on.

Be more careful driving from the 13th to the 14th and avoid conflicts or confrontations. Even if you are right, confrontations should be ‘postponed’. They will not have the desired effect. People tend to over-react under these aspects. This applies to parents and parent figures as well.

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