Libra Weekly Horoscope January 2016

Libra 04 - 10 Weekly Horoscope January 2016

What a worrier you are! You are popular and hard working but determined to see the black side of everything and this is wasteful. An opportunity will arrive this week to improve the quality of your life so take it without worrying yourself out of it.

Libra 11 - 17 Weekly Horoscope January 2016

You used to be such a strong-minded person but you are developing wimpish tendencies. Recently you have allowed yourself to be talked out of sensible courses of action that would have been rewarding both socially and financially for you. You must stop letting people decide things for you so stand up for yourself and reclaim your independence!

Libra 18 - 24 Weekly Horoscope January 2016

The coming week will start well for you but don’t get carried away because issues that you thought were dead and buried will reappear by the end of the week. This time, face up to the problem head on and don’t skirt round it like you did last time. Otherwise it will come round again….and again!

Libra 25 - 31 Weekly Horoscope January 2016

You are moving into a period this week when you will need all of your will power to get through it. Fortunately, you have always been strong minded so you should not have too much difficulty in pulling through this period but it will test you.

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