Virgo Weekly Horoscope January 2016

Virgo 04 - 10 Weekly Horoscope January 2016

Your decision to lead a laid-back life style is beginning to come unstuck. What you believe is an acceptable relaxed way of behaving is becoming regarded as a mixture of laziness and indifference. You’d better snap out of it soon or you may be in for an unpleasant surprise.

Virgo 11 - 17 Weekly Horoscope January 2016

Your determination to be the life and soul of the party is becoming wearisome. Your friends are starting to wish for a little peace and quiet so do them a favour and take a back seat now and then. Who knows, you may enjoy being out of the limelight for a while!

Virgo 18 - 24 Weekly Horoscope January 2016

There are certain times in life when you just have to go with the flow. Making a big fuss over what is really only a trivial matter can be counter productive. You must learn to live with some of life’s small irritations and only stand up against the big ones.

Virgo 25 - 31 Weekly Horoscope January 2016

Prepare for a shock this week when things start going your way and the world suddenly seems a happier place. There is no single explanation for this so accept the changes because, as you know from past experience, they can go the other the other way just as easily!

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