Aquarius Horoscope May 2016

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope May 2016

Continue to pay more attention to health until the 21st. Many short-term planets are making stressful aspects. Reread our discussion in the yearly report. Also pay more attention to your heart. The power in your 4th house is the main headline: 40 per cent (and sometimes 50 per cent) of the planets are either there or moving through there. Also, 70 per cent (sometimes 80 per cent) of the planets are below the horizon of the chart.

You are in the ‘night-time’ of your year – the midnight hour. Career, though important, can be downplayed now. Keep your focus on home and family. Work on your career through meditative means. This will be more important than any overt moves that you might make. Nature works from within to without. Now is the time to be in the ‘within’. There is an important shift of the planetary power from the East to the West this month.

Your period of personal independence is over; now it’s time to cultivate and hone your social skills. It can be fun to have your way, but after a while this can be boring. It can be just as much fun to let others have their way (so long as it isn’t destructive). It’s nice to get into your car and drive to your desired destination, but sometimes it is nice to get into a friend’s car and let him or her choose the destination – it is educational and breaks the boredom. Sometimes the greatest freedom we can achieve is freedom from ourselves. This focus on others broadens our horizons. So the cosmos is now arranging these things for you.

You will need to focus on others whether you want to or not. The 4th house is much more than just home and family. This is the mundane interpretation. Our real home is our ‘feeling and emotional’ nature. This is where a person lives spiritually. Thus this is a time for dealing with emotional issues of the past. The cosmos will so arrange things that you will almost be forced into it. You will become more nostalgic. Old friends and perhaps old loves will come back into your life and bring up old memories. Old memories can come up in dreams as well.

This is so you can look at these things from your ‘here–now’, present perspective, digest them and put them into context. Our past experiences contain spiritual ‘nutrition’. Left undigested, unresolved, we don’t get the nutrition. They putrefy and can be the cause of many emotional and physical ailments. Yes, it may seem that ‘outwardly’ you are not achieving anything by digesting your experiences, but in reality you are. You are setting the stage for future growth. On the 21st, as the Sun moves into your 5th house, you enter another yearly personal pleasure peak.

A time for fun and leisure. A time to explore the ‘rapture’ side of life (and yes, it is very rapturous). In spite of some financial disagreement with your spouse, partner or current love (which seems short term), love is happy and honeymoonish. There is sort of a carefree attitude about it. If an existing relationship is troubled, try a second honeymoon now. Have more fun with the beloved. Schedule fun activities together. This is a time to re-ignite the original romantic feelings. Singletons find love in the usual places this month: parties, resorts, casinos and places of entertainment.

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