Aquarius Monthly Horoscope April 2016

Aquarius Forecast April 2016

Neptune, your financial planet, makes a major move out of your sign and into Pisces on the 5th. This is a positive for finance. It reinforces the trends that we have been seeing for many years. Neptune, the most spiritual of all the planets, moves into the most spiritual sign in the zodiac. You are still (as you have been for many years) going deeper into the spiritual sources – the spiritual dimensions – of wealth.

You have gone very far in this department, but there is always more. Continue to read all you can on this subject. No matter how much outer wealth people have, they are not truly financially free until they understand the spiritual source of wealth.

Your financial intuition has been outstanding for many years, and gets even better now. By now you have learned to trust it. But the real headline is the power in your 3rd house. It was strong last month, but now even stronger. Consider this: 60 to 70 per cent of the zodiacal powers will either be there or move through there this month. Wow!

The trends of last month are even stronger. More communication and hightech equipment comes your way. There is more local – domestic – travel this month. You seem all over the place. There are a plethora of courses, lectures and seminars to attend, on almost any subject you desire. Students are very into their studies, and are successful. If you have an Aquarian child, you don’t need to force him or her to do homework.

This child is on the case. Reread our discussion of last month, as it applies now. Overstimulation of the mind and speech is the main danger. Learning to still the mind – always a challenge in spiritual work – is a lot more difficult now. But if you manage it you will have achieved something great. When your love planet entered Aries on the 20th of last month you became a ‘love at first sight’ kind of person. You jumped into relationships, romances and friendships very quickly.

When intuition was on, things worked out. By the 20th, this rashness in love will be over; you become more conservative and patient. It’s fun to take the leap every now and then, but when you’re wrong, there is a price to pay. Caution lets love develop as it will. Until the 20th, love, for singles, is still in the neighbourhood or in educational settings. Mental and intellectual compatibility is as important as physical magnetism for you right now. After the 20th you want more stability in love. You want someone with family values.

You want emotional support and emotional intimacy. This is how you feel loved and this is how you show it. Love opportunities are still close to home, but come through family and family connections. Health is still good, but becomes more delicate after the 20th. Nothing really wrong, only energy is not as high as it has been since the beginning of the year. Rest more.

A good night’s sleep will cure many ills. Siblings (and those who play this role in your life) need to be more mindful when they drive and avoid risky activities from the 3rd to the 13th. They should avoid conflicts and confrontations as well. You should be more mindful driving during this period as well – but it seems stronger on them than on you.

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