Aquarius Monthly Horoscope June 2016

Aquarius June 2016

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope June 2016

The focus you gave to your family last month will be paying off now. Jupiter’s move into your 4th house on June 4 shows happiness with the family – happiness at home. You have good harmony with family members now (and if not, you have a good opportunity to create it now).

There is good family support, and it works both ways. You are friendly with family – these are not just ‘ties of blood’ – obligations – but real friendship. Friends are coming to stay with you, and over the next six months you will be installing high-tech gadgetry in the home. Many of last month’s trends – such as the need and ability to digest and resolve your past – are projects you will be involved with for the rest of the year ahead.

Last month on the 21st you entered a yearly personal pleasure peak, and this continues in the month ahead. It’s party time now. A time to become ‘like a child’ – not childish but innocent and happy. Children find happiness in the simplest of things – they don’t need nights out on the town to enjoy themselves. Amusements can be constructed from crayons, twine, marbles, box tops.

The child’s world is a world of play – this is how it learns and grows. And so it is for you in the month ahead. In leisure, inspired ideas and the solutions to many problems come your way. Health is much improved this month. It will get even better after the 21st as Mars leaves its stressful aspect to you. You have all the energy you need to achieve any goal.

This shows drama in the lives of children (or those who play this role in your life). Sometimes it shows a pregnancy or new birth. (Aquarians of appropriate age are very fertile now.) Sometimes this presages a disruptive kind of birth – such as the birth of triplets or quadruplets. There is a great focus on health this month – especially after the 21st. But health seems good, so these things probably have to do with maintenance or prevention. Job-seekers meet with good success. S

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