Aries Horoscope May 2016

Aries Monthly Horoscope May 2016

Your yearly financial peak continues. Money seems to come from a variety or sources and in a variety of ways. You are, like last month, lucky in speculations. Your personal creativity is marketable and a big factor in earnings. You spend more now, but earn more as well. Partners, friends, your current love are very supportive. Social connections are profitable.

You might be spending on children, but they can also contribute to earnings – perhaps through motivating you or giving you ideas. You are spending on leisure activities, but can also earn through these things. And, with Mercury entering into your money house from the 16th onwards, you earn through good sales, marketing and good use of the media. Also this shows that, while you are very lucky this month, you are also earning the old-fashioned way, through hard work. Perhaps the most important factor in your financial success these days is Mars, your ruling planet, entering your money house on the 11th.

This shows your personal interest in financial matters. This interest drives your financial success – ‘where the heart is, there is your treasure.’ Like last month (and since late January) you are spending on yourself, dressing expensively, cultivating an image and persona of wealth.
In some cases this is being done through metaphysical understanding – there is a conscious desire to draw wealth unto you – and taking on the image of wealth is a powerful way to do this. But in many cases this is showing that your personal appearance is a major factor in earnings – and so you need to dress expensively. A foreign trip is likely on the 1st or the 2nd.

The opportunity will certainly be there. You meet with a teacher – a mentor. In some cases this is a guru type. Important educational opportunities come. Students enjoy success in school. Speculations are fortunate during this period, too. Health is good. You can make it even better through vigorous physical exercise and head and face massage (until the 16th). After the 16th enhance your health through neck massage. Cranial sacral therapy is good all month.

Those on the spiritual path will get good results from chanting – mantra therapy – after the 16th. Your body responds very well to sound. Before the 16th, health is about physical fitness, good muscle tone, the ability to lift X amount of pounds or run X amount of miles. But afterwards you are more focused on financial health than physical health. On the 21st the Sun enters your 3rd house. Thus it is time to expand your mind and to catch up on all the letters and e-mails you owe.

Good for taking courses, teaching or writing. A business partnership or joint venture is likely after the 16th – you may or may not do this, but the opportunity is there. (The horoscope never takes away our free will.)

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