Cancer Horoscope May 2016

Cancer Monthly Horoscope May 2016

Last month the planetary power shifted to the eastern, independent sector of your chart. This is the way it will be for the next five months or so. Hopefully you’ve made note of the conditions that need changing in your life; you are now in a position to make these changes. Your happiness and success is up to you. Your way is best these days.

If others don’t go along with your plans, you can go it alone. Career is still very powerful and happy, but less active than last month. There is good success – sudden elevation – on the 1st and 2nd. A new career peak is reached. This month the focus is on friendships, groups and group activities. This is both fun and financially profitable as well. Online kinds of businesses seem profitable (sometimes you don’t actually have to have an online business, but financial opportunity comes from the net).

You need to be up to date in the latest technology, and are probably spending on these things now. Professional investors should look at property, agriculture, copper and high-tech companies for profit
opportunities until the 21st. After the 21st investors should look at telecommunications, transport and media. Non-investors need to do better marketing and promotion of their products or services.

After the 20th your financial planet is in the 12th house, thus your financial intuition becomes important – and very sharp. With the financial planet in the 12th house you are in a period (short term) for going more deeply into the spiritual sources of supply – for understanding the spiritual dimensions of wealth. In truth, no matter how rich we are, until these things are understood there is no real financial freedom.

This is a period for more charitable giving. As you give, you also receive by the karmic law. Health is much improved this month. If you got through last month with your health intact, give yourself a nice pat on the back. Probably you will go through the rest of the year with good health, too – you are a super-hero. Still, mind your energy. Love seems much improvas well. There is much more harmony with your beloved and with friends than last month.

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