Cancer Monthly Horoscope April 2016

Cancer Forecast April 2016

You are in one of the most successful periods of your life (for many of you) but also one of the most vulnerable health periods. If you plan your days better and focus only on essentials you can have both health and success. But if you get caught up in the whirl of events (and they are exciting) there will probably be a price to pay. Enhance your health in the ways described in the yearly report. Pay special attention to your heart (avoid worry and anxiety) and to your head, face and scalp. If the pace of events threatens to sweep you away, schedule regular massages or reflexology treatments. Have people pray for you. Make sure you get enough exercise, too.

Career is the main headline this month. Some 60 to 70 per cent of the planets are either in or moving through your 10th house of career this month. It’s as if 70 per cent of the vast universe is conspiring to make you successful. No need to tell you to focus here, you almost can’t help it. Career changes and changes in your corporate hierarchy and industry have been happening with regularity for months now, and we see more in the month ahead.

Mars, your career planet, is travelling with Uranus from the 3rd to the 5th and then makes a stressful aspect with Pluto from the 9th and the 13th. Yes, people at the top are vulnerable now. Bosses, parent figures, elders should be more mindful, avoid conflicts and risky activities, and drive more defensively. Be more patient with your beloved. Your focus on career is probably making him or her feel neglected. Finances continue to be excellent. Until the 20th the trends are as described last month.

Money comes from pay rises, from the favour of bosses, parents and authority figures, from your good professional reputation. Rashness and speculation can be overdone. You earn freely and spend freely. After the 20th you are more conservative and down to earth. You are a better investor. Your financial judgement is sound.

You are more patient about attaining wealth. Friends are helping you financially; you have their favour. The retrograde of Mercury, until the 24th, happens in your 10th house. This suggests a need to be more careful about how you communicate to superiors, elders and parents (or parent figures). Don’t take good communication for granted. Make sure they get your true meaning and that you understand what they are really saying. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. A bit more care now can save much heartache later on. This holds true in your dealings with the government as well.

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