Cancer Monthly Horoscope June 2016

Cancer June 2016

Cancer Monthly Horoscope : June 2016

An eventful and exciting month. There will be many changes and disruptions in the world this month, but you are relatively unscathed. You have just come off a very successful career period. Most likely, major goals have been attained or progress made towards them. (Some goals are so large that they can only happen over time.) You are ready to shift your focus to your social life – friendships – and to home, family and emotional concerns.

Your company or industry seems very fast paced, always shifting, always changing – even day to day. You never know what to expect. Policies shift, rules change, bosses change, job descriptions and goals change. Every time you think you have things mastered and under control – there is another change of direction or policy.

Your job is to learn to handle career instability with faith and equanimity. Your 12th house of spirituality is strong all month, but especially until the 21st. It is a time for more prayer, meditation and spiritual-type studies.

You are more in the ‘mood’ for these things and thus more easily ‘reachable’ by the invisible world. A real spiritual breakthrough is one of the most joyous things that can ever happen. What is wonderful about this is that it brings not only pleasure, but also positive change.

You are never the same person after an experience like this as you were before. If you feel a greater desire for solitude this month, don’t worry – there’s nothing wrong with you – it is perfectly natural with these kinds of aspects. As mentioned, there are two eclipses this month.

There are changes in your diet, doctors or health regimes. (Keep in mind that your health planet changes signs this month as well.) There could be health scares, but health looks good this period, and these will probably be just scares.

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