Gemini Horoscope July 2016

Gemini July 2016

Gemini Monthly Horoscope : July 2016

Last month, on the 21st, the Sun entered your money house. You entered a yearly financial peak. This continues in the month ahead. The reason for this peak is that, with many planets in your money house, your interest in finance is stronger than it has been for most of the year. And with this interest and focus – this drive – success tends to happen. We get what we focus on. It seems that your financial thinking has not been realistic of late, and so many changes need to be made.

In general, though, it tends to bring a financial obligation that seems ‘beyond your personal power’ to deal with: a sudden expense, a sudden repair – something that you didn’t plan on or prepare for. Now you have to adjust to reality. While these things are unpleasant in the short term, in the long term they are very good.

You will make the moves that will solve these issues and be on the road to a more solid prosperity. The cosmos is merciful and loving. It might push you to the brink, but never over the brink. Sudden expenses may come, but you will have the money to cover them. The love planet’s move into Taurus happened last month and you are still getting adjusted to it. If you are single and unattached, now is the time to be clear as to what you want in love and in a partner. Get quiet and search your heart.

What should he or she be like? What qualities do you want? Get into details. Create a picture of your desired mate or lover. If you know the ‘treasure map’ technique (see my book, A Technique for Meditation), enter it into your map. If not, just use a sheet of paper and write it down. Should he or she have light hair or dark? Be creative or more mundane? A hiker or a biker? Get as detailed as possible.

Once you have finished, refer to what you have written daily – until he or she comes into the picture. One caveat: You are likely to get what you want and then you have to experience the consequences. Often what we think we want is not really good for us. But no matter, you can always redo your list with amendments. This is a life process, constant learning, constant growth, constant amending.

With your love planet in the spiritual 12th house now until the end of the year, it is a good time to surrender this area of life to the Divine. ‘Cast your burdens on the God within’ and go free. If you do this sincerely and with your heart, the most knotty love situation will straighten out. If you do this merely with your lips and not your heart, nothing much will happen.

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