Leo Horoscope May 2016

Leo Monthly Horoscope May 2016

Your 9th house was powerful last month (after the 20th) and becomes more powerful in the month ahead. This is the main headline now.  This is a huge percentage. Since the 9th house is considered a fortunate house, this is a month of happiness and good fortune. A month where mental and intellectual horizons are expanded. A month where ‘the sky’s the limit’.

There will be travel opportunities. There will be happy educational opportunities. Students should be successful (especially those at university or graduate level). If you are involved in legal issues, these seem fortunate now – push ahead boldly. (Keep in mind that the strength of your case is always the main consideration, but even with a weak case, you are likely to get best-case scenarios this period.)

This is a month for religious, philosophical and theological breakthroughs – for deeper insights and understanding. This tendency is why the Hindus consider this house to be the most fortunate in the horoscope. When our world view is enlarged, it affects every other area of life – it changes the way we respond and react to events.

When the 9th house is strong, we all become students and teachers. We are students to those above us and teachers to those beneath us (in understanding). No one loves the night life more than Leo. But this is a period where a juicy philosophical or religious discussion will hold more allure than the cabaret. Where the coming of a guru is more exciting than the latest rock star. This phase will pass, to be sure, but for now this is how you feel. This enlargement of your perspective and mental horizons prepares you for the yearly career peak that begins on the 20th. A period of great success. The Sun crosses your midheaven from the 20th onwards.

Thus you are on top, in charge, the king (or queen) – honoured, appreciated, sitting on your throne. Your social status is also elevated now. Health is good, but the main danger – ironically – is too much of a good thing. You have so much energy and confidence that you are on the go non-stop. Burnout is the main danger. After the 20th you need to rest and relax more. Love is still good this month, but be more patient with your beloved from the 3rd to the 5th. Be more careful driving, and avoid confrontations and risky activities from the 9th to the 13th. This goes for family members as well.

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