Libra Horoscope May 2016

Libra Monthly Horoscope May 2016

Well, you got through the past two months. Perhaps you didn’t achieve all the outer goals that you wanted. Perhaps you watched as others went to the heights of success while you plodded on like a tortoise. But if you have your health and sanity, you should rejoice, give thanks and pat yourself on the back.

You are a success. The heavenly measurements are different from those of Earth. There, your trials and difficulties are clearly understood and factored into the equation. They don’t compare the progress of a car going downhill with one going up a steep hill. Naturally, the progress of the one going up a steep hill will be slower. So consider yourself successful now.

There is more good news: Delicate though health is, you will not face conditions as difficult as you have in the past two months. There are more trials in the year ahead, but none as intense as what you’ve just come through. If you got through that, you can get through anything. Last month on the 20th your 8th house got strong, and it is still strong for the entire month ahead.
When the 8th house is strong we are forced to deal with the ‘underworld’ of life – the part of life that most people tend to ignore. The person confronts death in various ways – usually on a psychological level. (No one dies even a millisecond before their allotted time.) Sometimes there are near-death experiences with this transit. Generally people attend more funerals.

There is a need to cope with – to come to terms with – death. The purpose is to lose the fear of it. So many of our true hopes and aspirations are blocked by the fear of death. People fear success, or the achievement of their heart’s desire, because somehow it ‘seems dangerous’ – one could die in the process. So, learning to deal with death will help us to live our lives in the now and in a better way. The 8th house not only deals with death, but with its corollary – resurrection. And, after what you’ve been through, resurrection is in order.

This is something to study this month and then to apply to your life. We see resurrection, renewal all around us all the time. Nature is doing this all the time. One day ‘dies’ at midnight and instantly a new day is ‘born’. The old year dies on December 31 and instantly a new year is born. In the winter the foliage dies, but is reborn in the spring. Let us not mourn the dead but, when confronted with death, let us look for the resurrection and renewal that must follow. Life never dies. Only what is born, dies. On a more mundane level, this is a month to get involved in detox regimes of all kinds.

A time for getting rid of all the effete, useless material that clutters our lives – whether it be in the body, in the home, in finances or on the mental and emotional level. Old, destructive emotional and mental patterns should die – just as viruses or destructive bacteria in the body should. This is the death that gives new life. Finances may have been difficult but your spouse, partner or current love is picking up the slack. He or she is well into a yearly financial peak. He or she should be more generous with you. This is also a sexually active month but, considering your energy levels, be careful of overindulgence.

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