Pisces Horoscope May 2016

Monthly Horoscope May 2016

Money-making, while fun (especially when things are going so right), does get boring after a while. No one can sustain such interest for too long. And this is what is happening now. The focus is shifting from money to intellectual interests. This began on the 20th of last month, but gets stronger now. Financial goals (at least the short-term ones) have been attained.

You feel confident about the future, and now you can – and should – focus on intellectual development. The pleasures of the mind call to you. The mental body demands its due. Some people have insatiable cravings for sweets, or rich foods – you have insatiable cravings for knowledge and information.

You are spending more on education – courses, lectures, seminars and the like – and can also earn from these things. For some of you this could be a good business opportunity or interesting investment. On the 11th your financial planet moves into Taurus, your 3rd house. Thus, communication, sales, marketing, PR and good use of the media are important financially. Probably you are spending more on these activities as well. Good to invest in decent communications equipment as well. It will pay off down the road.

Those who invest in the markets should explore copper, telecommunications, transport and media companies. Mars makes a conjunction with Jupiter on the 1st and 2nd. This brings financial windfalls and luck in speculations. You have had the financial favour of authority figures all year, but now it is stronger. A pay rise could happen. Your good professional reputation leads to a happy referral. Venus makes a conjunction with Jupiter (in your money house) from the 10th to the 13th. This brings financial windfalls and luck in speculations. A sibling, or someone who plays this role in your life, enjoys a career coup then.

There is happy communication with bosses, parents, parent figures and the government. If you have issues with the government there is good news. This is also a happy aspect for love and romance. Health is good but becomes more delicate after the 21st. There doesn’t seem to be anything seriously wrong – as the long-term planets are leaving you alone – but it is not one of your better health periods. Rest and relax more, and keep your focus on the important things in life.

You can enhance health by paying more attention to your heart (always important for you), neck and throat (until the 21st), and lungs, arms and shoulders after the 21st. Regular neck, arm and shoulder massage will strengthen these on an ‘energetic’ level. You have been in a frenetic period since the beginning of the year. Much has happened. Now, after the 21st, it is good to digest these things. Not only the recent past (though this is a good place to start) but the distant past as well. The lower half of your chart has been dominant since March. You can safely downplay the career and focus more on your family, domestic situation, living quarters and your emotional life.

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