Pisces Monthly Horoscope April 2016

Pisces Forecast April 2016

On the 20th of last month you entered a yearly financial peak. This month it becomes even stronger. Finance is the main headline of the month ahead. Some 70 per cent of the planets are either in your money house or moving through there this month. Your interest in money, in wealth, in possessions, seems all-consuming these days.

And this powerful interest leads to success – it enables you to overcome all the various challenges that inevitably arise in this ‘material’ world. With so much action happening in the money house there is no ‘one way’ that you will earn. It comes from many sources and many kinds of people. It is ‘as if’ 70 per cent of the cosmos – the powers that control everything – have conspired to make you rich. Money seems to come from everywhere. Someone who has owed you money for a long time – and you have forgotten about it – suddenly decides to pay you back.

New and lucrative work projects come to you. You can inherit money or be remembered in someone’s will. Insurance claims are paid. Royalties are earned – and probably larger than usual. There is great access to outside capital – either borrowing or outside investors. Parents, parent figures, bosses, your current love and family members hold you in their financial favour. Pay rises are likely (and these can sometimes be covert, as in an increase in benefits).

Your financial confidence is strong. You make quick decisions and they work out. There is luck in speculation, but be more careful from the 9th to the 13th. A sudden expense could come as well. But no matter, you have the wherewithal to cover these things. On the 3rd–5th there is a sudden windfall or opportunity. Unexpected money comes to you. Uranus entered your money house on the 12th of last month, thus you are experimenting financially. (For the past seven years you have been experimenting with your body, now it is with finances.)

You are ‘making wealth’ happen rather than just drifting along. Health is excellent this month. You can enhance it further by paying more attention to your head, face and scalp (until the 20th) and to your neck and throat thereafter. Good mental health is important after the 20th. Strive for intellectual purity – correct information and correct knowledge. Give the mental body its due.

Neptune makes a major move into your sign on the 5th. Basically this is a positive transit, as Neptune is your ruling planet. However, it does sensitize the body, so drugs and alcohol should be avoided. If you feel an ache or a pain somewhere, first check where it’s coming from – you could be sitting next to someone with a physical problem and just be picking up his or her energy.

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