Sagittarius Horoscope May 2016

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope May 2016

There are happy social opportunities from the 10th to the 13th – this seems to be more to do with friendship than romance. This period also brings good fortune for job-seekers. After last month’s binge, more focus on health is in order. Extremes seem to follow extremes. Where last month was all about the pursuit of pleasure, this month is about the pursuit of productivity – of work.

This is a good month to handle all those pesky details of life that must get done: the bookkeeping, filing, studying the caloric value of the foods you eat and things of this nature. As you tie up all your loose ends at work, you will be ready for your yearly social peak which begins on the 21st. Last month the emphasis was on love affairs, non-serious, non-committed love. But after the 21st you become more serious about love. You look for commitment.

You may or may not get married, but you look for ‘marriage material’ in a lover. You ask yourself, what would it be like to spend the rest of my life with this person? Your love planet is moving forward this month, so your social judgement is good and there is clarity about love. Until the 16th there is still the ‘fun aspect’ of love, but this changes as your love planet moves into the 6th house. Thus social and romantic opportunities happen at work or with coworkers.

They can also happen with people involved in your health or as you pursue your health goals. An office romance now (between co-workers, not necessarily superiors) wouldn’t be a surprise. Healers and health professionals are very alluring during this period, too. A foreigner, mentor or religious person enters your love sphere on the 21st.

This person seems like someone of ‘substance’, highly educated and refined. You seem harmonious with this person. Troubled relationships can be treated in a number of ways. Working together as a team, serving each other in practical ways, would help cement things. Foreign travel – to some exotic location – would also be good. Attending university seminars or taking courses together as a couple would be good, too. And of course attending religious services together, praying together. There is a need to strengthen the connection of the ‘upper bodies’ this period – to get on the same page philosophically.

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