Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope June 2016

Sagittarius June 2016

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope : June 2016

Happily, Jupiter, your ruling planet, moves into your 6th house of health on the 4th. Perfect timing, for this is a period where you should be more focused on health.  Students experience changes in educational plans or changes of the hierarchy at their institution. There is great unrest at your church, synagogue, ashram or mosque. Try to avoid foreign travel during this period. Take a reduced schedule.

If you are involved in estate, tax or insurance issues, there is dramatic forward movement – one way or the other. These issues start to come to a head. The past five months have been a strong party period for you (some months more, some months less).

By now you have got this out of your system and are ready for serious work. Jupiter’s move into your 6th house is a wonderful aspect for job-seekers – there are good jobs out there for you – regardless of what is happening in the ‘outer’ economic situation, you have good fortune here.

Health will improve after the 21st. In the meantime you can enhance your health by paying more attention to your neck and throat (regular neck massage is good). After the 9th, pay more attention to your lungs, arms and shoulders – good to massage your arms and shoulders regularly. Air purity becomes important after the 9th as well. Breathing exercises will enhance your health as well. This month the planetary power shifts to the upper half of your horoscope.

The activities of day are now going to be more important. Career will start to take priority over home and family, and this is as it should be. Hopefully you have attained your point of emotional harmony in the past five months; now, from this point, you are ready to succeed in the world.

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