Scorpio Horoscope May 2016

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope May 2016

The main headline this month is love. May not only brings flowers, but love bouquets, wedding rings or serious relationships. You are well into a yearly social peak and it will last all month. Your 7th house is very strong now. Some 50 per cent of the planets are either there, or moving through there. This is a huge percentage. All Scorpios are going out more, attending weddings, parties and other kinds of social gatherings.

Love is active and basically happy. For the unattached this is a period for meeting a special someone. I especially like the 10th to the 13th for this, but it can happen before or after as well. (After the 16th is another powerful love period as Venus makes fabulous aspects to Pluto, your ruling planet.) Good though this month is, it is only the prelude for next month. This month the menu, for the unattached, is huge. Many possibilities, many opportunities.

There are the rich and the powerful, the intellectuals, writers and teachers – the wordsmiths, the athletes, health professionals and more. The cosmos is ensuring that you get exposed to many types of people. Next month you will be more able to narrow the selection. The 7th house is not just about
romantic love. It rules partnerships of all kinds. So there are business partnerships, joint ventures, mergers, a pooling of resources. The opportunities are there. (Again I like the 10th to the 13th for this, but it can happen before or after as well.)

Your tastes in love shift this month as well. Until the 16th you like people who ‘do’ for you – who serve your practical interests. This is how you feel loved and this is how you show love. Practical service – this is love in action. Not just flowery talk. Like last month, you are still a bit headstrong in love. You leap before you look. No one can argue with you. If authority figures oppose your choice, you are ready to elope if need be. But after the 16th you become more conservative. The niceties of romance become important. Romance has to be beautiful, in beautiful settings, with beautiful love talk. Finance is good. Last month seems to have been an especially active financial period as Jupiter received much stimulation.

This shows enhanced, increased earning power. This trend continues in the month ahead, but is a little toned down. For the past few months you have been the ‘speculator’, the risk-taker in finance, and this seems to have worked out for you. This is soon to change, however. Get it out of your system now. Next month brings a whole new attitude and approach to finances. Health is still delicate, but there is nothing seriously wrong. (Your personal chart, cast just for your date and time of birth, could modify what we say here.) Rest and relax more. Pay more attention to your head, scalp and face until the 11th and to your neck and throat afterwards. Regular neck, head and face massage will do wonders for you.

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