Scorpio Monthly Horoscope April 2016

Scorpio Forecast April 2016

On the 27th of last month, Venus entered Pisces – her most exalted position, but also her most sensitive position. It is precisely this exquisite sensitivity that allows her to be ‘exalted’. Thus, when love is going well, when you are in synch with your partner, you experience the highest vibrations of love. Nuances that few mortals ever experience. But if there is discord in your relationship, it can be quite painful – much more so than usual.

You need to be careful to come from love, and not pain, these days. When the sensitivities are so strong, even the smallest things can hurt – a facial expression, a rolling of the eyes, a tone of voice. Often the other person is unaware of what he or she did and is mystified by your reaction. A time to practise forgiveness and go on. Love is not very serious these days.

Your love planet is in the 5th house and you want to party. Love is another form of entertainment. The person who can show you a good time is the one you are allured to. However, often love begins as ‘fun and games’ and ends up being much more. But the tendency now is to think of love as one long honeymoon and you don’t have the patience to handle the tough times. After the 21st your love planet moves into Aries.

You become a love-at-first-sight kind of person. You throw caution to the winds. You leap into relationships quickly – perhaps too quickly. On February 3 the planetary power shifted from the independent East to the social West. And now, after the 20th, they begin to move to their maximum western position.

So, since early February you have been in a social period – you’ve needed others. It has been more difficult to ‘go it alone’ than before. And this tendency is even stronger now. Personal inability has spiritual value. We stop relying on our ‘strong right arm’ and have to rely on higher forces to help us. It is a time when we learn the power of grace. We cannot control other people (not for long, anyway) but we can maintain the harmony with them so that they are more willing to assist us to our good. Undue self-assertion these days will break this harmony and delay your attainment.

On the 20th, as the Sun enters your 7th house, you enter a yearly social peak. Venus will be travelling with Jupiter after the 21st (this aspect will be more exact next month) and this shows that romance is in the air. A business partnership, too. Health is good this month, but becomes more delicate after the 20th. There is nothing seriously wrong with you, you just need more rest and relaxation. You have been working ultra-hard this period and probably overdoing it.

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