Scorpio Monthly Horoscope June 2016

Scorpio June 2016

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope : June 2016

A lot of change happening now – for you personally and for the world at large. Last month the planetary power shifted from the lower half to the upper half of your chart. For the next five to six months, the upper (outer activities) half will be the dominant half. Day is dawning in your year. Now it is time to let go of or de-emphasize home and family and focus on your career goals.

Now you serve your family best by being successful. True, you might miss a few football matches, graduation ceremonies or school plays, but you will bring more important gifts to those you love – success, prestige, honour and more providence.

Your financial planet makes a major move this month as well. It moves from Aries (where it has been since January 22) into Taurus on the 4th. It will be here for the rest of the year ahead. As mentioned, you are now becoming more conservative in finance. You are slower to make decisions, doing more homework, being more down to earth. (Property seems like a good field – either as a business or just buying or selling properties.)

You are a more careful spender as well – for the past few months you have been very free about this. On the whole your financial judgement is improved. The main change is that your financial planet is now in your 7th house of love, romance and partnerships. So business partnerships – if they haven’t happened yet – are still likely now and for the rest of the year.

This is also a wonderful love aspect for singles. It shows marriage, marriage opportunity or a relationship that is like a marriage. Marriage always involves a ‘pooling of resources’ – it is as much a financial move as a romantic one. And this is certainly true in your case. This indicates a wealthy kind of marriage or a relationship with someone wealthy. This person could be involved in your financial life as well. Someone that you meet as you go about attaining your financial goals.

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