Taurus Monthly Horoscope April 2016

Taurus Forecast April 2016

Many of the trends written about last month are still in effect now. Most of the planets (80 to 90 per cent) are above the horizon, your 10th house of career is still strong, while your 4th house of home and family is basically empty (only the Moon will move through there on the 16th and 17th). So continue to focus on your career and outer success.

This is the best way to serve your family. There is much progress and success happening now. By the 8th the planetary power is in the East, and will stay that way for many more months. Personal initiative, rather than social skills, becomes important. All our gifts are important, but at different times one might take priority over another. Now it is good to cultivate personal independence and personal judgement.

You have less need of others these days. Sure, you will have a social life, but you are not needy or dependent. Love still seems active. Venus (the universal ruler of love, and also the lord of your horoscope) will travel with your love planet from the 8th to the 11th. This should bring happy social and romantic opportunity. For singles this shows a romantic meeting or tryst.

This could be with someone new or with someone you are involved with – it seems happy. You seem the pursuer here. The month ahead – especially from the 19th onwards – is highly social. You are more involved with groups and organizations – attending meetings, involved with group activities, doing a lot of networking. While your yearly career peak is technically over by the 19th, in reality it is extended this month and next.

For now your career planet receives much stimulation from the short-term planets, and this is bringing career opportunity and success. (These aspects will become more exact next month, but they are in effect now, too.) Overall health is good, but rest and relax more until the 19th. Detox regimes are powerful after the 4th.

Until the 4th pay more attention to your liver and thighs. After the 4th pay more attention to your spine, knees, teeth, bones and overall skeletal alignment. The colon, bladder and sexual organs should be given more therapeutic attention as well. Spirituality has become an important area of life. Pay close attention to your dreams from the 16th to the 19th and from the 20th to the 22nd. You and family members are having other important spiritual experiences during that period, too

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